Partners of the Bundeswehr University Munich

The Bundeswehr University Munich offers its undergraduate and graduate students as well as its researchers and faculty members the opportunity to participate in exchange programs with several partners around the world.

Exchange programs are usually based on a "Memorandum of Understanding" that establishes the particulars of the respective cooperation. Each cooperation agreement is signed by a representative at the partner institution as well as a representative at the Bundeswehr University Munich. New partnerships can be suggested by every professor; university management is responsible for evaluating and signing new cooperation agreements.

The Bundeswehr University Munich is currently collaborating with the following partner institutions (available for download).


If you have questions regarding

  • initiating partnerships
  • cooperation agreements with the Bundeswehr University Munich
  • opportunities for scholars of the Bundeswehr University Munich to carry out research abroad
  • the SOKRATES/ERASMUS program for staff of the Bundeswehr University Munich
  • DAAD programs
  • scholarships and grants
  • the International Advisory Council

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