The University of the Bundeswehr Munich is one of Germany’s few campus universities. Located on the 140-hectar grounds of a former military airbase on the outskirts of Munich, it contains all facilities that students and lecturers require for successful learning, teaching and researching. Despite the size of the campus, students can get from the lecture halls to the main facilities on campus and the cafeteria in a matter of minutes. It is a modern university with a beautiful green environment in the outskirts of Bavaria’s capital city Munich.

Our campus comprises an excellent and well-equipped library, computer center, media center, language training center, various sports facilities and food options. The lecture halls and main facilities are all located within a maximum of 15-minute walking distance.

And, to top it all off, the city of Munich is just a short bus ride and a subway ride away and offers a wide range of events and cultural attractions.

Virtual Campus Navigation

The campus navigation offers a virtual tour of the entire campus. Navigate within the panoramas via links from one location to another.