Exchange students for studies, who want to attend courses and participate in exams, please submit a single copy of each of the following documents within the deadlines indicated above:

  • Registration form
  • Letter of Motivation in English or German (approx. 1 page outlining your motivation for studying abroad at UniBw M)
  • Transcript of records (= itemized academic performance to date). If you are a Master's student, please also include your transcript from the Bachelor's degree. We accept transcripts in German or English (if necessary, please translate and have the translation certified and stamped by your home university). A simple copy is sufficient. 
  • CV in German or English
  • Photocopy of your passport/ID card
  • For ERASMUS+ students: Learning Agreement (or Study program): list of courses you want to attend at UniBw M (If you have questions please discuss your study plans with your Erasmus Officer at your home university and the International Affairs Delegate at your UniBw M department) to e completed complete in German or in English. Please check with your home university, if a special form is needed. 
  • Digital confirmation of sufficient health and nursing care insurance in conformity with German legal requirements (for more information, see "Health and Nursing Care Insurance)
  • German language certificate (a certificate confirming your current German language skills; this certificate can be issued by your home university or by a language school), in case you intend to attend courses in German at UniBw M
  • One passport photograph (it is needed on your enrollment request form)

Please send your application documents (with the exception of the passport picture) by email to