Social Sciences and Public Affairs

The mission statement of the Department of Social Sciences and Public Affairs is to conduct interdisciplinary research on social, political, legal, economic and ethical developments on a global, regional, national and local level from a contemporary and historical perspective and to convey them in teaching. The department lives interdisciplinary cooperation both in research and in teaching, because world, society and state can best be understood from the interaction of scientific perspectives. The department consists of five institutes:

  • Historical Institute
  • Institute of Public Law and International Law
  • Institute of Political Science
  • Institute of Social Science and Economics
  • Institute of Theology and Ethics
  • Institute of Sociology and Economics
  • Institute of Cultural Studies
  • Empirical Methods and Statistics Division

The department has 17 professors and 25 full-time scientific staff. Together with the other staff members (e.g. third-party funding, lecturers), the department currently assists more than three hundred B.A. and M.A. students in political and social sciences and public affairs.

More information can be found directly on the website of this degree program