The department's 20 professorships cover the entire spectrum of the Economics and Organizational Sciences field, i.e. not only business administration but also economics, law, mathematics, statistics, organisational psychology and business informatics.

This degree program aims to provide insights, skills, knowledge and abilities to recognise economic problems in business and administration and to be able to analyse and solve them using scientific methods. It is intended to impart critical judgement and enable graduates to consider the social environment and its changes in solving economic problems.  The objectives of this program is to prepare students for future fields of application, teaching and research, amoung them are:

  • the planning of personnel requirements, the planning and implementation of personnel recruitment measures, the design of the incentive system and the deployment of personnel, personnel management and personnel development
  • the planning and execution of financial and budgetary activities
  • Analysis and influencing of production and market processes
  • the planning, implementation and performance review of infrastructure projects
  • Analysis and implementation of changes in organizational structures and processes

For more information, please click on the department's website and its academic program for exchange students

The department's academic program for exchange students is active for the fall trimester 2023.

Language level: The language level requirement is at least English B1.

International Bachelor students can participate in the English-language Master courses and vice-versa as the level will be upgraded or downgraded respectively for international students.

It is possible to achieve up to 30 ECTS credits in total in the fall trimester.