Many students in Germany live in shared flats, also called "WG" for short. In a shared flat everyone has their own room, bathroom and kitchen are shared with the other flatmates.

In most cases, shared rooms are free of commission. Especially for individuals, a room in a shared flat is often cheaper and easier to get than renting their own apartment.

Registering for the Private Accommodation Service offered by the Munich Student Union, you will have access to the details of several hundred private rooms rented out to students in shared flats all over Munich.

Private rooms on offer are updated online on a daily basis. In order to be able to view all of these offers and request specific contact details of potential landlords you will have to register online. You can then contact the landlords directly and usually visit the apartment in person. If you are searching for an apartment from abroad, try to arrange for individual agreements with potential future landlords.

Please note that the Munich Student Union only holds the position of an intermediary and accordingly does not verify the landlord or any of the offers they make!