There is a shortage of affordable housing in Munich. Supply and demand vary throughout the year: at the beginning of each academic year in September and October the demand for accommodation is particularly high, then again in April with the start of the summer semester. Beginning your study abroad experience in Munich around October and April, please be aware that at this time of the year a lot of students, for example from the LMU Munich, Munich's biggest university with around 50000,00 students, and from the Technical University of Munich with around 40000,00 students, will be looking for affordable housing. Therefore, we recommend you begin searching well in advance of your stay at UniBw M between July and September or respectively between February and March.

Some Good Options to Help You Find a Place to Stay

UniBw M Student Apartment

The UniBw M International Office holds five rooms (one floor) to give international students from one of our partner universities the permission to stay  in a housing facility that belongs to the Bundeswehr (= German Armed Forces) Career Center in Munich. The building is located in Munich City Center very close to the Olympic Park and is easy to reach by public transportation. The rooms are double rooms, furnished for two people and can be used either in pairs or individually. Kitchen, bathroom and showers are shared.

As the demand for accommodation is quite high and our number of rooms is quite limited, we advise you to contact the International Office early on in your application process, if you consider to apply for accommodation in this apartment.

Rooms in Shared Flats

Many students in Germany live in shared flats, also called "WG" for short. In a shared flat everyone has their own room, bathroom and kitchen are shared with the other flatmates.

In most cases, shared rooms are free of commission. Especially for individuals, a room in a shared flat is often cheaper and easier to get than renting their own apartment.

Registering for the Private Accommodation Service offered by the Munich Student Union, you will have access to the details of several hundred private rooms rented out to students in shared flats all over Munich.

Private rooms on offer are updated online on a daily basis. In order to be able to view all of these offers and request specific contact details of potential landlords you will have to register online. You can then contact the landlords directly and usually visit the apartment in person. If you are searching for an apartment from abroad, try to arrange for individual agreements with potential future landlords.

Please note that the Munich Student Union only holds the position of an intermediary and accordingly does not verify the landlord or any of the offers they make!

Apartments for International Guest Researchers in the IBZ Munich

International guest researchers who have been invited by Munich research institutes have the opportunity to live in one of the 43 apartments of the IBZ Munich (International Meeting Center for Science) for the duration of their stay, also with their families. The minimum stay is one month.

Since these apartments for international guest researches are in high demand, it is necessary to make efforts for booking a couple of months up to one year prior to your arrival in Munich. Please note that reservations for apartments can only be cancelled free of charge up to three months before arrival.

The 43 guest apartments are fully furnished and comfortably equipped with all necessary household appliances, kitchen utensils, washing machine, dryer, etc. There are one- to four-room apartments ranging from 32 m² to 101 m² at your disposal. There is a landline phone where you can be reached directly via an extension number and a wi-fi connection available in each apartment. Pets are not allowed. Cars can be parked in the underground parking lot belonging to the building. A deposit must be paid at the time of rental. The deposit can also be blocked on your credit card. The rent needs to be paid at the beginning of every month by bank debit, cheque or in cash.

International guest researchers who would like to live in the IBZ Munich should contact their hosting UniBw M professor or the international office with this request.