ACC Stop & Go Function – Traffic Jam Assist

These systems are able to bring a car to a standstill behind another vehicle in front and then restart it autonomously. There are different approaches to ensuring safety when the vehicle restarts autonomously. The space in front of the vehicle is monitored and the time from stopping to restarting is limited to a few seconds. If this time is exceeded, the driver must push a button to restart the car. This is to ensure that the driver observes their surroundings and to prevent the vehicle from restarting inappropriately in case of a sensor error in the system (an object or pedestrian that has not been picked up by sensors, etc.).

To increase user acceptance, the period after an automatic stop during which the system can automatically restart should be as long as possible. For reasons of safety, however, it should be as short as possible. The results of trials to determine the optimum time in terms of both safety and convenience revealed another perspective on system design. The system always restarts, even if there is an object in the path of the vehicle – just less dynamically. This draws the driver’s attention back to the road. The advantage of this system design is that the distribution of responsibility between driver and vehicle is always clearly defined.




Limbacher, Reimund; Färber, Berthold: Kombination von Abstandsregelsystem und Stop & Go-Funktion im Audi A8 . In: ATZ elektronik, 2.2010,5. S. 30-35


ACC Stop & Go

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