Frequently asked questions


I got lost on campus.

In that case, every member of the university should be able to communicate in English and will help you out without a doubt. To prevent losing yourself on campus, you can look at the campus plan:

The conference registration is at (1), the entry/exit at (2), and the welcome reception at (3).


Wifi access

Participants will receive a code for Wifi access on campus.


I need some space for writing emails

Next to the seminar room 1311, we opened room 1312 for such activities.


Is there a possibility to eat or drink something during the conference?

We provide some catering during the conference. Furthermore, the University Café “Brandl” offers affordable snacks, coffee, tea, and changing main menus, usually including a vegan option. If one day they don’t, feel free to ask.


How can I pay for food and accommodation?

In Germany you usually can pay by cash or credit card. In the restaurants on campus you usually pay by cash, when you purchase food for more then 10€ you may also pay by credit card.


How can I pay the conference fee?

You may pay either by bank transfer or by PayPal. In case of bank  transfer, you find the respective information printed on your invoice; if you chose PayPal, the PayPal link will appear in Conftool after registration.