Conference dinner

The conference dinner will take place at July, 22th, 19:00 at THE SCHNEIDER BRÄUHAUS IN THE TAL, Kneippsaal.

The Schneider Bräuhaus is famous for its wheat beer and traditional Bavarian food, but they will also offer several dishes for our vegetarian and vegan participants. For accommodating your food preferences most appropriately we arranged à la carte dining with all participants paying on their own. However, we kindly ask you to plan a meal for about 30-40€.

Currently, we have 70 seats reserved for the dinner and if Conftool already gives you a note that the dinner is booked out, please send an email to the GenderandSTEM email account so that we can put you on a waiting list.


Fassade original.pngKneipsaal.jpg

Frontview of the Schneider Bräuhaus and Kneippsaal where dinner will take place (Photos by Schneider Bräuhaus München GmbH & Co. KG ).

ORIGINAL BAVARIAN RESTAURANT IN THE HEART OF MUNICH IF YOU WANT TO ENJOY REAL BAVARIAN CUISINE, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE Schneider Bräuhaus – The inn with a long history. Our Bavarian restaurant in Munich is one of the most traditional inns in the state capital. At the same place of work as today, in Tal 7, the first middle-class wheat beer was brewed around 150 years ago. Previously only the nobility were allowed to drink wheat beer (as it is also called). With the acquired brewing license, Georg I. Schneider managed to build up one of the most renowned Munich breweries. It has been brewed in Lower Bavaria since the end of the Second World War, but we serve the noble beer here in a cozy inn atmosphere. There is also typical Bavarian cuisine. Our specialty: the authentic Munich Kronfleisch cuisine! The location of our restaurant could hardly be better: From the Schneider Bräuhaus in Munich's historic old town, you can walk to some of the most important sights in just a few minutes. Located between Marienplatz and Isartor, you can admire the city in all its glory. Added to this is the great connection to public transport. Whether you head for our Bavarian restaurant for a morning pint before your city tour, for lunch in between or as the grand finale - you will be delighted!

Plan your route to Schneider Bräuhaus by Google Maps.