6th Network Gender & STEM Conference 2022

Sticking with STEM:

Who comes, who stays, who goes and why?

Thu, July 21 – Sat, July 23, 2022

The 2022 Network conference will bring together researchers, educators, policy makers, business and industry representatives, and the public to interrogate personal and contextual influences towards, or away from, diverse STEM pathways across stages and settings. The specific theme of Sticking with STEM: Who comes, who stays, who goes, and why? points to individual and organizational factors as well as their interaction in the career development process of the STEM workforce. Both perspectives—that of the individual with a basic interest in STEM and that of organizations such as schools and companies that are the nourishing ground for STEM motivations—contribute to the individual’s career development. What characterizes individuals coming into STEM, who persists and who leaves STEM, and which organizational aspects contribute? How can diversity at the workplace motivate pursuit and persistence in a STEM career?

Themes will include:

  • individual, family, teacher, and peer processes which impact STEM engagement and participation;
  • key factors and good practices which promote STEM engagement and learning within schools, universities and workplaces;
  • STEM initiatives, schemes, networks and organizations;
  • fostering interest and motivation in STEM subjects & preparing workers for the future;
  • organizational structures facilitating diversity;
  • best practices to provide a nourishing ground for diversity in organizations;
  • the role of higher education institutes, government, industry, public policy and career development policies in enhancing women's and men's participation in STEM research, commercialization and public impact.

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