Participation in the "Conflict & Change" PhD Workshop in London (UCL)

14 March 2024

From March 11 to 12, the Conflict & Change PhD Workshop took place for the 6th time at University College London (UCL). The workshop, organized annually, provides early-career researchers in conflict studies the opportunity to present their research projects, receive feedback from leading scholars, and engage with other doctoral candidates for exchange and networking.

This year, Tobias Bohne had the opportunity to present, discuss, and receive valuable feedback and suggestions on his PhD project "Leveraging NLP to Build a Climate-Related Conflict and Cooperation Dataset" during the workshop. The project focuses on the AI-assisted creation of a climate-related conflict event dataset from unstructured text data. Additionally, participation in the workshop provided interesting insights into the current state of conflict research as well as methodological and theoretical developments in the field.

More information about the workshop can be accessed here.


Picture source: © Conflict & Change research cluster UCL