Our Research

What is security? How can security be established? What role does intelligence play in establishing security? Which threats are relevant – today and tomorrow? How do crises and conflicts develop? Which intelligence methods are relevant? Security and intelligence research today is complex. It deals with questions that affect all areas of life and seeks answers from legal, technological, political and social perspectives.

The research at CISS meets this challenge through its interdisciplinary orientation. The overriding goal of CISS research is to examine security- and intelligence-related questions from different perspectives and with different theoretical approaches in order to contribute to solutions of complex security policy and societal problems on a global, regional and national level. The research at CISS aims on the one hand to create fundamental and innovative insights into security and intelligence-relevant topics; on the other hand, the development of practical results and applications – in cooperation with partners in practice – is at the forefront of CISS' research activities.

Research at CISS focuses, among other things, on dealing with uncertainty and the prediction of security-relevant events as well as legal issues in the context of cyberwarfare/cyberintelligence and terrorism.