What is security? How can security be established? What role does intelligence play in establishing security? Which threats are relevant - today and tomorrow? How can crises and conflicts be identified at an early stage using innovative conceptual and methodological approaches ("predictive analytics")? Security and intelligence research today is complex. It deals with questions that affect all areas of life and seeks answers from a legal, technological, political and social perspective.

Our research at CISS meets this challenge through its interdisciplinary orientation. Our overarching goal is to examine security and intelligence-related issues from different perspectives and with different theoretical approaches in order to contribute to solutions to complex security policy and social problems at global, regional and national level. On the one hand, our research aims to create fundamental and innovative findings in security and intelligence-related topics; on the other hand, the development of practical results and applications - in cooperation with partners in the field - is at the forefront of CISS research activities.


Research Programs

Our research is divided into the following programs:

- Crisis Early Warning (CCEW)
- Security and Intelligence
- Wargaming and Information Systems
- Corporate Security

You can find more information on the pages of the research programs.