Welcome to the Center for Crisis Early Warning

The Center for Crisis Early Warning (CCEW) is located at the University of the Bundeswehr Munich. It is a multi-year project financed by the Federal Ministry of Defense and the Federal Foreign Office.

The main tasks of the Center are

  1. conducting quantitative crisis and conflict research using innovative conceptual and methodological approaches (predictive analytics),
  2. helping the above federal ministries to predict and assess crises and conflicts and thus to take appropriate preventive measures.


To this end, the Center is building up interdisciplinary methodological competence and is testing and developing innovative research approaches and IT tools. This includes communication and cooperation with academic institutions.

The Center also supports and enhances IT-based approaches to crisis early warning in the above ministries. The Center is also open to collaboration with other federal ministries in order to create further synergy.

The Center makes an important contribution to interministerial cooperation and to the national process of crisis early warning.

Head of project

Professor Dr. Carlo Masala (University of the Bundeswehr Munich)