Participation at the COMPTEXT Conference in Glasgow

21 June 2023

At this year's COMPTEXT conference in Glasgow (May 11-13), three Center for Crisis Early Warning members gained insights into state-of-the-art computational methods for analyzing text data. The COMPTEXT conference is one of the most important venues for the exchange between leading interdisciplinary researchers. In addition to informative presentations, Sonja Häffner, Christian Oswald and Julian Walterskirchen were able to get feedback and ideas for their respective research projects.

Christian Oswald presented work on using Wikipedia page changes to measure and predict contentious politics. Sonja Häffner presented joint work with Julian Walterskirchen on extracting aspect-based sentiment from UN General Assembly speeches and its effect on interstate disputes. Finally, Julian Walterskirchen presented joint work with Sonja Häffner on using NLP methods to measure the extent of sanctions coordination by the EU and the US over time.


The conference program is available here.


Picture source: © University of Strathclyde