Bit-True Simulator


The Bit-True Simulator is a Matlab based software tool implemented with the scope to assess the performance of new GNSS signal modulations (among other OQPSK, BOC, SRRC, CPM, multicarrier, FMT, CSK and FH). The structure of the Bit-True Simulator is divided into three modules, Signal Generator, Channel, and Receiver, with the purpose to reproduce the full chain of a navigation signal, from the on board signal generation to the demodulation of the transmitted data at the receiver side. This advanced simulator takes into account for payload imperfections and non-idealities as well as for a wideband channel model. The main result is represented by the receiver performance in terms of acquisition and tracking.


Data Delivery Simulator

Data Delivery.jpg

The Data Delivery Simulator is a Matlab based software tool build to assess the data delivery performance of GNSS signals. In addition to the simulation of all civil GPS and Galileo signals, it contains additional advanced FEC and channel interleaving techniques (among others Turbo codes, Super-Orthogonal Turbo codes, Low Density Parity Check codes, SC-LDPC, link layer codes). For the performance assessment, difference channels are implemented ranging from AWGN to 2-state and 3-state LMS channels.


TTFF Simulator


The Time To First-Fix-Data simulation tool is a Matlab based software tool to estimate the time required by a GNSS receiver to retrieve the data necessary for the first position fix from a given signal under various channel conditions.