The GNSS Receiver and Simulator Group is working on the institutes sophisticated software GNSS receiver MuSNAT, formerly known as IpexSR. The MuSNAT is intended to be used for:

  • GNSS signal and channel analysis
  • Signal quality monitoring
  • GNSS receiver and navigation algorithm development
  • Integration with other navigation technologies such as INS or LiDAR
  • RTK and PPP

MuSNAT logs all GNSS related data including channel wise correlation or tracking loop data plus all sensor data into a SQL database. A dedicated graphical user interface then allows to visualize all data in a time synchronous was to identify relationships between signal and senor data artefacts and positioning performance. MuSNAT supports all GNSS and all frequencies as well as inertial and camera data. Currently the MuSNAT is extended to be usable as a GNSS IF signal generator, which is very valuable for testing signal designs and spoofing scenarios. In 2018 the integration of LiDAR based point clouds is planned.

MuSNAT is currently under development with the first release to be available in Q3/2018.



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