Start date: immediately


Duration: according to project work / thesis duration

The main goal of this project is to integrate the positioning output of a navigation sensor suite into the robot, so the robot can use another source that offers a more accurate position instead of the  built-in GPS sensor.

This project falls in the field of autonomous driving. Our institute has developed a tool that allows us to use the information from different sensors to obtain a reliable and accurate global position. Our sensor suite consists of a GNSS receiver antenna, a X-sens IMU, an USRP, a LiDAR and computer running a software that performs the positioning. For testing purposes, we have acquired a robotic platform, which gives us the opportunity to perform a great variety of tests and analyze the solution we are providing. Therefore, the tasks to fulfill in this topic are the following:

  • Design and construct the platform where the sensor suite will be mounted and attached to the robot. Taking care of aspects like: avoid occlusion to the LiDAR sensor, correct alignment between the sensors, etc.)
  • Get familiar with ROS, specifically packages like: nmea_navsat_driver and geonav_transform
  • Do a comparison analysis between a reference solution, the positioning that the robot offers with the in-built sensors and the one using our sensor suit.
  • Documentation of each phase and the measurement campaigns.

Requirements for the candidate are:

  • Interest to elaborate different sensor fusion topics!
  • Knowledge of LiDAR, GNSS and INS as a standalone sensors (or interest to self-learn how they work)
  • Interest and motivation to work with robots.
  • For the comparison analysis tools like MATLAB can be used.
  • The ability to both work independently and to answer scientific questions.

Contact Person:


Daniela Sanchez Morales & Mohamed Bochkati

Institute of Space Technology and Space Applications (ISTA)

Faculty of Aerospace Engineering (LRT)

Universität der Bundeswehr München

Werner-Heisenberg-Weg 39, 85577 Neubiberg, Germany

Building 61, Room 1106

Phone: +49 89-6004-3056, Fax: +49 89-6004-2584