Jamming and Spoofing:

Jamming is the intentional transmission of high power electromagnetic waves in the same frequency band than the GNSS to enhance the noise-level in the GNSS-signal. Since the power of GNSS signals is relatively low, the addtional noise can lead to situations where a tracking of GNSS signals is not possible anymore. Spoofing is even more dangerous, since the receiver tracks wrong fake signals and gives out wrong positions and time. There are several critical applications, which require a correct positioning and timing. GNSS based drones can be manipulated to land and be captured or to crash. Some GNSS based mobile networks can be manipulated and the mobile communication would be disturbed in large areas. Power grids need a stable time to work correctly. Also the upcoming autonomous driving could be effected, since little errors can lead to accidents.



  • You work with new state of the art spoofing devices and investigate all the settings of the devices
  • You perform spoofing experiments at our testbed with purchasable GNSS receiver
  • You investigate the behaviour of the receiver under the attack
  • You test anti spoofing software methods against spoofing and jamming attacks



Spoofing out of the window at our institute: