ISTA Logger is a GNSS / IMU Android Logger developed at the Institute. The Logger is the first of its kind which can log GNSS and IMU data from the Smartphone simultaneously. The Logger is based on GNSS Logger developed by Google and is extended to log RINEX 3.03 and IMU data from the smartphone.


  • Android-based GNSS / IMU logger

  • First Logger Capable of Logging RINEX and IMU data from the smartphone

    • Capable of logging

       - RINEX 3.03 with dual-frequency and multi-constellation

       - GNSS Raw Measurements

       - IMU data (accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer)

       - Time Synchronized GNSS / IMU data to be directly used in GNSS / IMU Fusion




What do we offer in comparison to other existing loggers available?

Android apps RINEX Raw data IMU  Info.
Geo ++ yes no no here
Phyphox no no yes here
GNSS logger no yes no here
GNSS Compare no yes no here
RTKDroid no yes no here
Sensor data logger no no no here
Sensorstream IMU + GPS no no yes here
Sensor log no no yes here
RinexON yes - no here
PPP Wiylite - - - here
ISTA logger yes yes yes -



GNSS / IMU Logger - Android application     Coming soon...
Smartphone Sensor Output format convert MATLAB TOOL