Calibration of Inertial Sensors


Thanks to our modern equipped inertial laboratory at University of Bundeswehr, we can offer the full calibration service for all IMU classes, i.e. from the MEMS-grade until the navigation grade.


Laboratory Equipment:


  • Three Axis Motion Simulator (Turntable) from Acuitas AG (fig. 1)
  • Incl. CO2 temparture chamber with temperature range between -60 C° and +100 C° 
  • Reference gravity with  an accuracy of 8 µGal (~8.10^-7 m/s²).
  • Reference  north direction with an accuracy of  1 arcsec measured by a GYROMAT-Instrument
  • Decoupled pillar under the turntable to cancel out the surrounding vibration



Fig.1: Three Axis Motion Simulator from Acuitas AG



  •    LabView-Software package with:
  •    predefine calibration routines, such as Six-Position-Static test or turn rates, are available
  •   Automatic report generator allows a flexible calibration procedure.



Fig. 2: LabView-Software


Offered Service:


  • Calibration of all constant/ deteministic error parameters, such as constant bias, scale factor or non-othogonalities, of any IMU
  • Temperature calibration
  • Performance assement of AHRS and INS, for example in term of north-finding or alignement



Some of our publications:

[1] M. Bochkati and T. Pany, "Does the Android Operating System Provide what the MEMS-IMU Manufacturers Promise?," 2021 DGON Inertial Sensors and Systems (ISS), 2021, pp. 1-17, doi: 10.1109/ISS52949.2021.9619775.



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