ISTA hosts the international radio-science team meeting

6 Mai 2019

Members of the Mars Express MaRS, Venus Express VeRA, and Rosetta RSI instrument teams came together during 12-14 March for their biannual radio-science meeting. The discussion covered current and future instrument operations, data archiving,  and most widely the latest scientific results derived using the spacecraft radio-tracking technique.  Together, MaRs, VeRA and RSI have contributed to the understanding of:

  • the atmospheres and ionospheres of Mars and Venus through radio sounding,
  • the interior structure of Mars and its moon Phobos, Venus and comet 67P/C-G from remote gravimetry observations,
  • the surfaces of Mars and comet 67P/C-G from bistatic radar observations,
  • the mass loss of comet 67P/C-G due to its outgassing activity and its possible relation to the comet's complex spin motion, and
  • the solar activity, by means of solar corona observations.

MaRS continues to operate aboard Mars Express after 15 years of succesful operations. In the radio-science team, we look forward to the wells of fresh science it is yet to deliver!