Felix Goßmann, Agnes Gabrys, Ferdinand Svaricek, AIAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference (SciTech) 2018



This paper addresses the design of a longitudinal baseline controller of an aircraft. Flight dynamics are usually described through linearized models of the nonlinear rigid body equations, which are only valid in the area of a trimpoint. Hence the dynamics are dependent on parameters such as altitude, airspeed or loadcase, which describes a certain combination of mass, center of gravity and inertia tensor. The current loadcase is often not available during operation. However the flight control system has to fullfill specifications for all possible loadcases. Therefore the loadcase is introduced as an additional parametric dependency besides static and dynamic pressure, which represent current altitude and airspeed. An linear parameter-variant (LPV) controller is designed which depends on static and dynamic pressure only. The design is realized with the use of an LPV technique with partly-measurable parameters. A showcase design for a small regional aircraft is accomplished to present the synthesis and show its capabilities for flight control problems.


  • Goßmann, F., Gabrys, A., Svaricek, F.: Control of Longitudinal Aircraft Motion with Loadcase Robustness using LPV-Control with Partly-Measurable Parameters, 2018 AIAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference (SciTech), Kissimmee, Florida (USA), 8.-12 Januar 2018