Internship - When and where?

The bachelor's and master's degree programs have mandatory summer modules. The summer module for the bachelor's degree program comprises internship and summer school. It takes place in the 8th quarter (in summer) of the studies, and students must participate in one of the two. The summer module in the master's degree program takes place in the 3rd quarter (also in summer). Likewise, students are required to do internships or summer school or further pursue their respective language courses. A certificate of participation is offered after successful completion of the summer module as proof of participation. Summer modules in each degree program comprise 9 credit points. The minimum duration of the summer module is four weeks. The location internship should be relevant to the Cultural Studies program and the focus of the study. Students can go for internships in Germany or abroad, in parliament, administrative authorities, international organisations, among other places. Summer schools, on the other hand, should generally be completed at a university or research institute abroad, but can also be completed at a corresponding institution in Germany under certain conditions. The same applies to language courses. Further details on internship and summer school regulations can be found in the information sheets on the Compulsory Internship for Students/ “Durchführung des Pflichtpraktikums für Studierende” (German version) of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, which also applies to the Cultural Studies degree program.


For further information, please look at the German version: Praktikum — Institut für Kulturwissenschaften (