Core areas of the Degree Program (B.A.)

B.A. Cultural Studies is a transdisciplinary program designed to enable students to empirically analyse cultural phenomena from a historical and social science standpoint. The degree program focuses on the diverse cultural links and interdependencies between Africa, the Mediterranean, and Europe. Students will receive comprehensive training in cultural studies research methods and foreign languages (Arabic and French). Students will also acquire fundamental knowledge of cultural theory. Furthermore, a wide range of international summer schools and internship opportunities by the Faculty of Social Sciences are open to the students. The coursework centers on religious studies with an emphasis on Islam, society, culture and legal norms in Africa, the Mediterranean and Europe, offering in-depth knowledge of cultural history and diverse relations of transregional interdependencies within these regions. There are also course modules allocated to study the phenomena of migration and the protection of cultural properties in times of peace and war. Other course modules focus on comparative political orders and cultures of behavior to understand interaction and exchange processes, particularly relevant not only from a socio-political and security policy perspective but also when reflecting on colonial and post-colonial power relations. The aim is to equip students with Intercultural awareness and the ability to engage in cross-cultural dialogue in today’s interconnected world.


(Translator: Lindah Achieng Ouma)

At the end of B.A. Cultural Studies…

  • Students will acquire extensive knowledge of cultures and methodological research tools to analyse them;
  • Students will be able to identify the multi-casualty of societal problems with the capability to offer sound judgment to these problems;
  • Students will be able to apply distinct cultural perspectives and carry out cross-cultural dialogues using in Arabic and or French;
  • Students will have profound knowledge of the interdependencies between North Africa, the sub-Saharan Africa and Europe in a globalized world;
  • Students will obtain an international profile for completing an excursion, an academic summer school or a language course abroad;
  • Students will gain valuable work experience through internships to develop their career prospects.

General Study Regulations

  • Seven trimester bachelor's degree course;
  • Beginning of studies in the fall trimester i.e. October;
  • Six to eight weeks of internship or summer school, possibly abroad;
  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • A consecutive Master of Arts (M.A.)

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Lisa Kammermeier, M.A.


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