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Under the umbrella of the Department of Social Sciences and Public Affairs, the Universität der Bundeswehr München is establishing a transdisciplinary study program in Cultural Studies (B.A. / M.A.) with six core professorships. The program’s subject is the scientific analysis of cultural phenomena from a historical and socio-scientific point of view. The focus is placed on the manifold relations between Africa, the Mediterranean region and Europe. Students acquire fundamental knowledge of cultural theory and are trained comprehensively in cultural-scientific methods. Practice-oriented knowledge of religion, society, culture and legal norms of these regions are just as important as a profound language training (Arabic and French).


The program offers deep insights into the cultural history of these transregional interdependencies and imparts knowledge in the field of religious studies with a special emphasis on Islam. In addition, the course focuses on the dynamics of migration and flight as well as the phenomenon of the protection of cultural properties in times of peace and war. Finally, the comparative analysis of political cultures of order and action and their interactions is a further focal point, which is of particular relevance not only from a social and security policy perspective, but also in the reflection of colonial and post-colonial power relations.


Six professorships, which have been represented since spring/summer 2020, will belong to the institute. Teaching in the new program (Cultural Studies, B.A./M.A.) is planned to start as of autumn 2022.


Professorship representatives:


Prof. Dr. Jan Christoph Suntrup (since 1.4.2020 - Cultural Theory)

Prof. Dr. Lando Kirchmair (since 1.4.2020 - National and International Public Law with a Focus on the Protection of Cultural Heritage)

Prof. Dr. Robert Langer (since 1.5.2020 - Religious Studies with a Focus on Islam)

Prof. Dr. Esther Möller (since 1.4.2020 - Modern Cultural History of North Africa)

Prof. Dr. Lena Kroeker (since 01.08.2020 - Flight, Migration and Social Mobility)

Prof. Dr. Jens Hacke (since 01.08.2020 - Comparative Political Cultural Research)

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Research assistants:

Lisa Kammermeier, M.A.
E-Mail: lisa.kammermeier@unibw.de
Tel.: +49 (0)89 6004-2409
Building 33, Room 2251

Katharina Huber, M.A.
E-Mail: katharina.huber@unibw.de
Tel.: +49 (0)89 6004-3180
Building 33, Room 3276



Heidi Stein
E-Mail: heidi.stein@unibw.de
Tel.: +49 (0)89 6004-3963
Building 33, Room 3111

Lisa Kammermeier Katharina Huber Heidi Stein Lisa Kammermeier Katharina Huber Heidi Stein


  • 1: Lisa Kammermeier
  • 2: Katharina Huber
  • 3: Heidi Stein