The study of culture takes a transdisciplinary approach. Questions that arise in understanding cultural phenomena are addressed across various disciplines comprising ethnography, history, law, Political science, and religious studies (with an emphasis on Islam). Students are educated on cultural theory as the basis of understanding culture. They also gain extensive knowledge of the African continent and practical knowledge of cultural processes within Africa and Europe.


Scientific methods of the Degree Program

Qualitative social research methods are used to assess cultural phenomena. Methodological modules are particularly taught in the early trimesters to provide a well-structured approach to answering research questions in cultural studies. Students are expected to conduct field research by themselves, applying qualitative research methods such as interviews and developing questionnaires.


Study Plus

Study Plus is a program designed to offer a wider range of learning opportunities for students while at the University of the Bundeswehr. This program allows students of Cultural Studies to attend courses from other disciplines besides their course-specific modules. Students can select courses based on their interests to expand their knowledge and gain specific skills.


Language Courses

Students are required to learn Arabic and French to facilitate their cultural exchange experience in fieldwork and handling firsthand data. Previous knowledge of both languages is not a prerequisite to qualify for the courses. Students will acquire basic knowledge of both languages at the first year of their studies. They will be taught by trained language teachers in small interactive classes with the latest didactic knowledge. Thereafter, students can specialise in one language.


Summer schools, Internships and trimester abroad

Summer schools and internships are mandatory requirements for the degree program. During the summer trimester, students have the chance to travel abroad for an internship, which will help improve their language skills and provide them with cultural experience. A wide range of options is available for students at the Faculty of Social Sciences which the Institute of Cultural Studies is part of. The faculty has a large network of cooperation partners in Germany and abroad e.g. cultural foundations and institutions, embassies, universities and international collaborations. Students can study one trimester in the bachelor’s and master’s degree programs at a partner university abroad, and the credits earned there can be transferred to their regular studies.