28 - 30 April 2016: Understanding Islamic Culture in ISTANBUL

Day 1


Lecturers: Dr. Detlev Quintern, Prof. Dr. Peter Starr, Fatih Sultan Mehmet University (FSMU)

This seminar looked at the history of science as an intercultural dialogue. After a short introduction into the history of Islamic science, the interactions between Islamic science and Western culture and science, as well as the partially common roots of both cultures, were examined and investigated using examples.

The seminar takes place in cooperation with the Istanbul Museum of the History of Sence and Technology in Islam.

Day 2


Lecturers of the Fine Arts Department at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakif University

After an introduction into traditional Turkish art the participants practically examined different types of Turkish/Islamic arts and crafts using examples.

The students were encouraged to discuss cultural similarities and differences.

Day 3


Guides: Lecturers of the FSMU in cooperation with students from FSMU

Sightseeing of excellent examples of Islamic architecture and art

At the end of their stay, all programme participants received a certificate of completion.