DAAD Prize for the Outstanding Achievements of Foreign Students

24 May 2019

Mr. Maxime Steve Fomekong Watio from Cameroon started his Bachelor studies in Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences in September 2016 as part of the Military Training Assistance at our University.

He has distinguished himself in his previous academic years through special academic achievements. As a student assistant at the Institute of Mechanics and Statics, he also seizes the opportunity to combine study contents with current research topics and thereby expand his specialist knowledge.

Through his broad expertise he supports other foreign comrades with academic questions and also offers them assistance in the general organisation of their studies. He is also a reliable contact person for his fellow students when they have worries and needs in everyday life. Due to his pronounced communicative abilities he acts as a multiplicator on all levels and promotes the community in his year by stimulating joint excursions and events also outside the lecture hall.

He acts as an academic, professional and social role model, motivator, initiator and connecting, positive element in his year.

For this, Mr. Fomekong was awarded the DAAD Prize for the outstanding achievements of foreign students on the occasion of this year's Dies academicus celebration.