Call for Applications – Manfred Wörner Scholarship 2022

14 December 2021

The Germany Ministry of Defence awards the Manfred-Wörner-Scholarship every year in honour of the accomplishments of the late Dr. Manfred Wörner, former Secretary General of NATO, who died in 1994. The scholarship is awarded to highly qualified young researchers as well as to military officers with academic experience from countries that are NATO Allies or participate in the Partnership for Peace programme. Candidates from countries where the Bundeswehr is deployed are also welcome to apply. In the current application period, these countries are: Mali, Kosovo, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, South Sudan and Western Sahara. Afghan citizens may also apply.

Eligible research
Scholarship holders will conduct scientific research on a topic with relevance to NATO. In principle, their research can also address a related topic from the field of foreign, security and defence policy.

The scholarship is designed to enable the successful applicant to carry out practice-relevant, policy-related research and to participate in academic work with the aim of publication.

Information about the scholarship
The scholarship is endowed with a monthly stipend of EUR 2,000. It is limited to one scholarship holder at a time and will be awarded for a maximum duration of twelve months. Accommodation (subject to availability) and meals can be provided on the campus of the Bundeswehr university. The costs for accommodation and meals are based on the relevant rules and regulations of the Bundeswehr applicable to visitors and non-members of the Bundeswehr. Individuals who have already been recipients of the Manfred-Wörner-Scholarship in the past cannot apply a second time.

For the duration of the scholarship, the scholarship holder will be supervised by the professor responsible for the respective research project at one of the two Bundeswehr universities. Supervision must be agreed in advance of the application.

Applicants for the Manfred-Wörner-Scholarship should submit relevant documents in German, English or French to the International Office (contact see below). These include:

  • Letter Of Application
  • CV
  • Synopsis (5-12 pages), including:

           + Title/Topic

            + Baseline

            + Problem/Object of Research

            + Relevance of Topic

            + Schedule/Methodology

            + Bibliography

Applicants should also submit a letter of recommendation from a professor at their home university.

Applicants should submit their application to the International Office no later than 1st of March 2022.

Applications will be reviewed and ranked by the universities of the Bundeswehr based on the following merits: ambition and quality of the project proposal, completion of the work within the funding period (not exceeding 12 months), suitability of the topic and relevance to NATO or the foreign, security and defence policy of the Federal Republic of Germany. Once the applications have been shortlisted, a recommendation will be made to the Chief of Branch Pol I 5 at the Federal Ministry of Defence. Start of term: 1st October 2022

Applying for the Manfred-Wörner-Scholarship

Universität der Bundeswehr München
International Office
Werner-Heisenberg-Weg 39
Gebäude 33/300, 1351-1353
85577 Neubiberg

Dr. Alexandra Bettag
phone: +49 (0) 89 6004 4683

If interested, please download the complete "Call for Applications - Manfred Wörner Scholarship 2022" in German, English, or French.

Picture credit: Pixabay/nattanan23