Research stay with Serge Nicaise

10 Juli 2023

In the week of July 3-7, 2023, Thomas Apel was a guest of Serge Nicaise at the University Polytechnique Hauts de France in Valenciennes, France. With more than 350 publications, Serge Nicaise is one of the most renowned scientists in the field of analysis and numerics of partial differential equations.

During the exchange, numerous intensive scientific discussions were held. Furthermore, Thomas Apel gave a lecture entitled "Finite element solution of optimal control problems with elliptic partial differential equations" in the research colloquium of the Faculty of Mathematics. The photo shows the two collaborators on the tram tracks, as its greenery really impressed Thomas Apel.

We want to thank Serge Nicaise again for his hospitality. We are already looking forward to his visit to Neubiberg in 2024.