Experiments in Large Urban Areas

In 1998, construction began on a virtual reality laboratory for parallel studies on navigation and orientation in a complex real area and in a corresponding virtual environment. The virtual environment was gradually expanded and today it is possible to move around in an immersive virtual environment in just the same way as a pedestrian would do in reality. VR provides detailed a detailed reproduction of the campus of UniBw M. 

Test subjects can be trained and tested both on the real-world UniBw M campus and in the “Neubiberg” VR environment.

Construction Vision Dome and Realization of Motion Control

P6020025.jpg   VisionDome Technik.jpg

Vision Dome with treadmill and components of motion control                                                   

VD-Laufband-vonSeite.jpg   Treadmill from above.jpg

Movement control in longitudinal direction                                Motion control when turning the direction of travel



Popp, Michael M.; Gouy, Emmanuel; Holtmannspötter, Jens: „Real Walking in Virtual Environments – A New Experimental Device”. In: EuroHaptics 2004, Munich, Germany, June 5-7, S. 156-159.