How to Apply

How to take up studies as a civilian in cooperation with authorities/industrial partners.

Studying at the University through a Cooperation Partner

As a civilian student, you can only take up studies at our University directly through a cooperation partner for the specific study program. Cooperation partners are usually federal or Land ministries and authorities, such as Autobahn GmbH des Bundes, which provide their employees with the opportunity to study at UniBw M. Some companies from industry and commerce with close ties to the Bundeswehr can also be cooperation partners.

This route of academic training allows students to integrate into a suitable professional environment alongside their studies. At the same time, the sending institutions themselves also benefit from the intensive training and high-quality education of their students. Similar to the concepts of cooperative or dual education, students from these institutions can be directly involved in institutional projects during the practical training phases of their studies. This integration is organized directly between the institution itself and the students, without involvement of the university.

Studying at UniBw M in the context of such a cooperation offers a great opportunity for civilian students to improve their job prospects after graduation.


  • University entrance qualifications in accordance with the Bavarian Higher Education Act are required.
  • The specific admission requirements depend on the field of study and can be found in the relevant examination regulations on the pages of the various departments.
  • The personal and professional qualifications of the individual applicants are reviewed by the department of the program for which they have applied.

Start of Studies

At UniBw M, the fall trimester starts on October 1, and the winter trimester on January 1.

For information on the specific application deadlines, please contact our cooperation partners (information and contact) or visit the Bundeswehr career website (German only).