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University of the Bundeswehr Munich – Guiding Principles Equal Opportunities and Diversity

„All people at the University of the Bundeswehr Munich (UniBw M) are equal and have equal rights. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Everyone must be treated with respect regardless of their sex, gender, age, sexual identity/orientation, ethnic and cultural origin, physical and mental abilities, outward appearance, religion, and social and economic background.“

UniBw M sees itself as a community of values – Values such as fair treatment for everyone, trust, openness to new ideas, respect and tolerance are important aspects of university life. These values are reflected in the work we do across UniBw M every day (the administration and the academic and military elements). They are an integral part of everyday life at UniBw M, influence everything we do and decide, and create a sense of belonging.

Open to people and ideas – UniBw M develops knowledge and skills in an inclusive and open-minded approach, ensures their usability, and passes them on to coming generations. UniBw M promotes potential and talent and focuses on the individual. UniBw M embraces a culture of leadership and organization which values equality and uses its academic freedom to integrate gender, queer and diversity studies into research and teaching. UniBw M counters prejudice with a culture of diversity and teaches about the diversity of our society.

An open and equal working environment – UniBw M values the diversity of its staff and promotes the close cooperation of all staff and students by establishing networks and promoting exchange. UniBw M is committed to creating a working environment that reflects these values and supports people wherever help is needed. UniBw M supports an inclusive working environment that reflects the diversity of our society and all abilities. It works to improve family friendliness and the work-life-care balance.

UniBw M communicates these values to the outside community – It uses different formats and media to share information about its values, to educate, and to reduce prejudice. UniBw M remains in constant dialogue with staff and students in order to promote a diverse working environment. Its key message is that all individuals must be treated with dignity.

UniBw M is fully committed to academic freedom – It assumes responsibility for individuals, society and the environment and is known for its good academic practice and its championing of young academics as well as for promoting equal opportunities and the diversity of its scientific community.