Guiding Priciples Research

University of the Bundeswehr Munich – Guiding Principles Research

„The University of the Bundeswehr Munich (UniBw M) is recognized by the State of Bavaria as an institution of higher education within the area of responsibility of the Federal Ministry of Defense. As envisioned by Helmut Schmidt, the Federal Minister of Defense at the time of its foundation, it provides future officers with an opportunity to pursue civilian higher education. As at other universities, the core tasks comprise academic teaching, research as well as technology and knowledge transfer.“

Academic freedom is cherished at UniBw M. Our aim and ambition is to contribute to the advancement of international research at the highest scientific levels. Good scientific practice is at the core of our identity and our commitment.

Our research also forms the basis for good academic teaching. In addition to the research capabilities of a civil university, our status as a Bundeswehr university also gives us access to innovative military research domains. We make full use of the resulting opportunities. This makes us a reliable partner for the Federal Ministry of Defense and the various security agencies.

We attract third-party funding from public research funding programs as well as from public authorities and partners in industry. UniBw M especially supports the acquisition of DFG and EU funds. We are sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Defense, which establishes excellent research conditions through cutting-edge equipment and plays an important role by providing third-party funds.

Thanks to the cooperation of its seven university departments and the three departments of its University of Applied Science, UniBw M can cover the entire spectrum from basic research to applied research. The diversity of disciplines covered by our departments facilitates research on a wide range of current issues, including as part of interdisciplinary projects. By bringing together diverse perspectives, we tap into innovative fields of research, as our central topic of “Security in Technology and Society” shows.

We focus on developing distinctive profiles in research. To achieve this, we have established interdisciplinary research centers (MARC, MOVE, RISK, SENS, SMADH and SPACE) and the CODE and CISS Research Institutes. Both internal and external networks form the basis for research into complex subject areas. Cooperation with other institutes of higher education, research institutions, industry and the administrative sector – both on a national and an international level – is highly valued here at UniBw M. Our research findings are made available to trade and industry, politics, society and the Bundeswehr. That is why we support our researchers in implementing their findings into practice, exploring practical applications together with industry or translating them into start-up projects.