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University of the Bundeswehr Munich – Guiding Principles Teaching

„The University of the Bundeswehr Munich (UniBw M) is recognized by the State of Bavaria as an institution of higher education within the area of responsibility of the Federal Ministry of Defense. As envisioned by Helmut Schmidt, the Federal Minister of Defense at the time of its foundation, it provides future officers with an opportunity to pursue civilian higher education. As at other universities, the core tasks comprise academic teaching, research as well as technology and knowledge transfer“

Academic freedom is cherished at UniBw M. UniBw M provides scientific education that is based on the principle of unity of research and teaching and promotes value-based personal development. It thus creates the basis for assuming responsibility and leadership in the Bundeswehr, public administration, industry and other areas of society.

Teaching at UniBw M focuses not just on specialist and leadership skills but is also guided by the concept of the citizen in uniform, who champions the free democratic basic order at all times.

Our academic teaching creates a solid foundation of professional and methodological skills, is continuously adapted to current research and has a clear focus on practical and social relevance as well as interdisciplinarity. The content and goals of our teaching depend on curricular expectations and developments of the individual disciplines. Our academic programs facilitate a smooth transition into civilian working life.

Our innovative analogous and digital teaching concepts motivate students to study independently and are aimed at sustainable learning effects that the students can demonstrate in examinations that are assessed in a transparent and differentiated manner. We support students in closing any knowledge gaps left after secondary education. It is our aim to create the conditions that will allow our students to successfully complete their studies.

Our trimester system results in a more dense syllabus, which means students can achieve a master’s degree in as little as four years. The excellent student-faculty ratio of less than 20 to 1 facilitates intensive and comprehensive support and supervision.

UniBw M offers university study programs as well as study programs in applied sciences and postgraduate programs. We develop new programs and modify existing ones. In doing so, we take into account current and future requirements of the Bundeswehr and the civilian job market, both in the undergraduate sector and in postgraduate programs.