Commissioner for DFG Affairs

As the DFG's Lecturer of choice, Professor Dr.-Ing. Alexander Popp acts as a local contact person for applicants to the DFG.

In detail, the tasks include consulting

  • on the DFG's various funding opportunities,
  • when submitting applications, in particular for first-time applicants,
  • in case of doubt. These must not only be included in the application process, but may also arise in the course of application processing by the DFG Head Office or following the DFG Governing Body's decision.


The DFG Delegate takes up criticism and suggestions and informs "locally" about the DFG and its funding instruments.


The tasks of the DFG Delegate are not included in the remit of the DFG Delegate:

Problems with the financial handling of a DFG grant: please contact the ZV I.2.3., Lisa Gringmuth.
Consultation in legal questions: please contact the ZV I.2, Thomas Weidner or Manfred Braunigger.

Please contact the university's Ombudsperson for clarification of scientific misconduct.



Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Popp

Tel.: +49 89 6004-3082
Gebäude 41/100, Raum 5119



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