CISS meets Industry

16 Juni 2021

Changes and the reaction to imponderables are part of the military's 101. The Prussian military already knew this and laid the foundations for today's principles of wargaming. These are strategy games that realistically simulate war situations. Hence, it was only logical that CISS accompanied a business wargaming at Infineon in a joint project.

In modern times, the principles are applied in business wargaming, among other things. The latter is a role-play simulation for complex economic situations in which the usually used linear forms of analysis often fail. Under the project management of Lieutenant Colonel (G.S.) Holger Prüßing and PD Dr. Christian Nitzl, various teams from Infineon took on the role of competitors in order to challenge the resilience of their own developed strategy. In the end, out-of-the-box-thinking was made possible and lead to uncover potential threat situations.