Terror lists: How the EU and UN fight terrorism in similar ways

20 November 2023

New article by Eva Herschinger and Martin Koch on the global fight against terrorism

Today, lists are an often-used means for governments to reduce uncertainty and regulate security threats. International organizations such as the European Union or the United Nations also use lists for this purpose. No-fly lists or lists of dangerous, prohibited drugs are well-known examples.

In their chapter, Eva Herschinger (CISS Munich) and Martin Koch (University of Bielefeld) focus on the so-called "watch lists" in the area of terrorism. How do the EU and the UN use these lists of individuals and organizations suspected of terrorism in their respective counter-terrorism efforts? What relationships arise from this similar use of lists between the two organizations? What impact do these inter-organizational relationships have on the global fight against terrorism? The field of inter-organizational relations in particular has been little researched, so that those interested in these relations can gain new insights not only from the chapter by Eva Herschinger and Martin Koch, but also from the other chapters in the volume edited by Martin Koch and Ulrich Franke.

Information on the chapter and volume can be found here.


Picture: © iStockphoto | ismagilov