Visit by Parliamentary State Secretary Hitschler to the Center for Crisis Early Warning

12 July 2023

On July 11, Parliamentary State Secretary Hitschler from the Federal Ministry of Defense visited the Center for Crisis Early Warning (CCEW).

Mr. Hitschler was given an introduction to the objectives, areas of work, and cross-departmental approach of the CCEW. Research and development priorities were explained through an interactive presentation and a current case study.

During the event, he was also presented with the job profile of the Center for Intelligence and Security Studies (CISS) and the objectives of the Master's program in Intelligence and Security Studies (MISS). In this context, particular emphasis was placed on the holistic research approach at the CISS and the practical relevance of the MISS program.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Hitschler for his visit and the lively discussion.


Picture source: © UniBw M / Siebold