Study Prerequisites

In order to become a student of the Bundeswehr University Munich you will need to meet the general qualification for studying at a German university. Please beware that you will also need to meet one of the enrolment regulations specific to the Bundeswehr University Munich.
University Entrance Qualifications

To study at the Bundeswehr University Munich, you will need to have one of the following entrance qualifications:

  • general qualification for university entrance (high-school diploma - Abitur)
  • relevant subject-specific higher education entrance qualification (vocational baccalaureate diploma - Fachabitur)
  • subject-specific university entrance qualification (foreman - Meister and/or technician - Techniker)
  • subject-specific university entrance qualification (successfully completed vocational training (3 years at least) and full-time professional practice (2 years at least), counseling interview (Dean of Studies) and aptitude test for a one-year trial study period
Enrollment Regulations

In addition to fulfilling the entrance qualification, you will need to comply with one of the following requirements to be able to study at the Bundeswehr University Munich:

  • you are training to become a German officer
  • you are employed by a company that offers a dual study program in cooperation with the Bundeswehr University Munich and pays for the tuition fees
  • you are a member of allied forces and got a place in an exchange program
  • you are  from a foreign country and got a place in an exchange program


Should you be insecure about meeting the required qualifications, please contact our

International Office


Contact Information for Pupils, Civilian Interested Persons and Soldiers

Program-specific study information:
Prof. Dr. Manfred Sargl
Dean of Studies of the Department of Business Administration
Phone: +49 89 6004 4622

General Study Information
Achim Vogel, M.A.
Public Relations and Internal Communication Officer - General Study Information
Phone: +49 89 6004 3244