Your start in human resources management – skills for the labor market of the future

We train digital pioneers for tomorrow’s human resources management. Because what would organizations be without people? Good personnel – and modern personnel management – are the key to success for any organization, whether in trade and industry, the public sector or the Bundeswehr.

As a personnel manager and people expert, you will shape the future of businesses and non-profit organizations.

rocket State-of-the-art personnel management
State-of-the-art personnel management

Whether you are interested in economics, law or psychology – the HRM program offers a wide range of knowledge on all aspects of modern people management so you can specialize according to your talents.

wrench Learning by doing
Learning by doing

By working on projects, you will combine practice and science and deal with highly topical, relevant issues of human resources management.
You will study in small groups and receive optimum support and mentoring, which will motivate you to learn and implement new skills.

road As part of a team and individually
As part of a team and individually

Internships abroad and at home as well as term papers instill a sense of personal responsibility. You will learn to work both collaboratively and independently with a high degree of efficiency. Enjoy the success of your projects!

check Soft skills and liberal education
Soft skills and liberal education

Our integrated degree programs known as “studium plus” promote well-rounded personal development, provide a liberal education and cultivate soft skills and critical thinking skills.
All of this will serve you well in your future executive career.

“In order to build a rewarding employee experience, you need to understand what matters most to your people.”

– Julie Bevacqua, Chief Revenue Officer of Rise People

It’s you who counts – study HRM!

Being a people person will already take you some way towards becoming a good personnel manager. Everything else you can learn. As a Bundeswehr officer, too, you will find that the skills you will acquire during your studies will not only open up career paths but will also become the tools you need in a leadership position.

Implementing your own projects

Here at UniBw M, we promote experiential learning in small groups. You will study not just for exams but also for your own, real projects, which we conduct in cooperation with our partners in a practical setting. The knowledge and skills you will acquire this way will always serve you well. The practical relevance of the program and your systematic approach to problems will benefit you in your officer career as well as any civilian management career you may choose after you leave the military. But it is also exciting to conduct your own employee surveys, plan training sessions and promote HRM digitization projects.

lightbulb-o Learning and trying
Learning and trying

Exciting and rewarding projects in small teams are typical here at UniBw M. That also includes innovative final theses and project papers on impactful HR issues. Your internships will give you a chance to experience “real” HRM.

thumbs-o-up Personal development and growth
Personal development and growth

Our lecturers are always ready to listen and advise.
An ideal student-faculty ratio ensures individual support and provides valuable inspiration for well-rounded personal development.

diamond Implementing HR digitization
Implementing HR digitization

You will work on current issues of personnel management such as people analytics or digital HRM. The skills and knowledge you gain will make you a confident business partner.

life-ring Obtaining psychological expertise
Obtaining psychological expertise

As a personnel manager and as a Bundeswehr executive, you will work with people. The expertise in occupational and organizational psychology you will obtain during your studies will help you understand and solve problems.

founders@unibw program – become an intrapreneur!

UniBw M is also a place of entrepreneurial thinking. We foster an intrapreneurial spirit in our students to help them advance innovation and implement new ideas in the military as “defense intrapreneurs”. You will learn about agile working and leadership in an agile environment, how to approach innovation projects and develop business models, and the meaning of design thinking. After your term of service in the military ends, you can also use this knowledge to found a start-up yourself or go freelance as a business consultant or coach, for example. You may also intern in one of our very own start-ups because our campus is a place where students, tech experts, Bundeswehr innovators and founders meet. A place for learning, networking and creating.

Future-oriented skills you really need

Our academic program does not teach outdated textbook knowledge. You will acquire skills you will need not just during your studies but also throughout your future career as a personnel expert with an excellent academic background or as a military officer with leadership and personnel responsibilities. That’s all very well, but what are these skills? Here is an overview of the compulsory modules of the B.A. program.

check Fundamentals of accounting
Fundamentals of accounting

You will learn about balancing accounts as well as cost and performance accounting. Both are important to understand how businesses function and are some of the basic skills required.

check Organizational communication
Organizational communication

The organizational communication module teaches the fundamentals of communication management in organizations. Stakeholder management is particularly relevant for personnel managers.

check Fundamentals of economics and economic policy
Fundamentals of economics and economic policy

Learn how national economies work, how prices are calculated and what “market failure” means. You will also develop an understanding of economic policy.

check Quantitative and qualitative methods
Quantitative and qualitative methods

This module will familiarize you with quantitative and qualitative methods of scientific research and will provide opportunities to practice these methods. Seminars will serve as an opportunity to apply your knowledge to your own research questions.

check Design and effects of work
Design and effects of work

You will study how work can be analyzed and designed from a psychological perspective and what researchers have learned about employee motivation. You will also deal with issues of health and stress.

check Labor law and social law
Labor law and social law

This module teaches the fundamentals of individual and collective labor law and social security law. Focal points include the establishment of employment relationships, their content and termination.

check Business informatics and media informatics
Business informatics and media informatics

Among other things, this module teaches the important basics of system and application development, data modeling and application systems in business management as well as IT-supported cooperation.

check Value-added processes in business
Value-added processes in business

You will study core aspects of marketing as well as organizational principles and project management. The module is rounded off with economic law.

check Strategic HRM & personnel changes
Strategic HRM & personnel changes

You will learn about strategic topics such as personnel policy, employer branding and employee value proposition, personnel marketing as well as personnel selection and layoff.

check Personnel development
Personnel development

This module teaches the psychology of learning in addition to the concept of life-cycle-oriented personnel development as well as concepts and methods of personnel and executive development.

check Personnel controlling & people analytics
Personnel controlling & people analytics

Personnel controlling and people analytics deal with the question of how information technology, data and their analysis can be used for good decision-making.

check Leadership & team interaction
Leadership & team interaction

You will study leadership theories, current leadership research and practical leadership. You will learn the socio-psychological basics and how teams become more efficient.

check Organizational development
Organizational development

This module is all about change in organizations and how organizations can be “diagnosed” and developed further. The origin and development of organizational culture is another interesting aspect.

check Innovation & change
Innovation & change

This module explains how business opportunities develop and how they can be identified and exploited. From generating ideas to translating them into marketable products and innovations.

check Compulsory elective modules on current topics
Compulsory elective modules on current topics

Interesting compulsory elective modules on current topics will allow you to specialize according to your talents. The modules offered focus on the current HR and research topics of our professors.

Our campus – a thriving community

Students, researchers and experts in digitization and technology across all kinds of disciplines meet on our green campus in the south of Munich. We offer not just excellent conditions for study but also sports facilities that leave nothing to be desired. Thanks to our on-campus housing opportunities, you will get to live in a part of the city that has abundant green spaces but is still close to the cultural heart of the capital of Bavaria. We offer a place for learning, networking and contributing.

Partnerships in research and industry

Our university maintains many interesting partnerships with established industrial enterprises such as Airbus, Rohde & Schwarz and Audi as well as with interesting start-ups such as Isar Aerospace (photo: University President Merith Niehuss with CEO Daniel Metzler). This will give you plenty of opportunities to realize truly relevant, personal projects, for example as part of your final thesis, and turn them into a success story.

Who are our teachers?

Our professors are not only outstanding researchers with plenty of practical experience but also committed teachers. They believe that, in order to be successful, businesses need enthusiastic young people with modern HRM expertise. For teaching and research, we rely on experienced professors and motivated, international young researchers and practitioners. We work closely with innovative decision-makers in the Bundeswehr and leading international companies.

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