One of the Faculty of Business Administration's special concerns is the need-based promotion of young academics. The aim is not only close and direct supervision by professors, but also intensive and early contact with the international research community.

These goals are ensured by numerous opportunities for doctoral students. Based on the American model, for example, so-called brown bag sessions are held with research assistants and professors of the faculty and, if necessary, external (guest) scientists. These short impulse lectures promote interdisciplinary discourse and provide an exciting insight into other areas of research. In addition, the inter-faculty colloquium "WiMi" with presentations of individual dissertations and research projects serves as a platform for internal exchange.


The declared aim of the promotion of young researchers is to enable doctoral studies in the University of Applied Sciences area. Research assistants are to be encouraged to take up doctoral studies and are to be accompanied and supported along the way. In the past, academic staff of the Faculty of Business Administration have successfully completed cooperative doctorates - and several academic staff of the Faculty are currently pursuing doctorates. The BayWISS joint colleges "Communication & Media" and "Economics" are especially important in this context. They offer young researchers with strong research skills the opportunity to complete a cooperative doctorate within the Bavarian university landscape.



"As a trusted professor, I am the representative of young researchers in the Commission for the Promotion of Young Researchers. At the same time, I represent and promote the interests of young academics in the Faculty of Business and Economics. I am the faculty's contact person for questions, problems or general issues relating to academic qualifications and continuing education." - Prof. Ellen Schmid

Prof. Dr. Ellen Schmid (Bldg. 36, R 0156) Prof. Dr. Ellen Schmid (Bldg. 36, R 0156)


  • 1: Prof. Dr. Ellen Schmid (Bldg. 36, R 0156)