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Description of the Dataset

In our study, we collected the following data:

Smartwatch data:

  • are located in the smartwatch.csv and smartwatch_interpolated.csv files
  • smartwatch.csv:
  • the different sensors are encoded into one column („SensorName“)
  • 6 sensors: linear acceleration, gyroscope, gravity, game rotation vector, accelerometer and heart rate sensor
  • left and right hand are coded into one column separately („Sensor on Hand“)
  • no processing of the data
  • this file contains the raw data of the smartwatch sensors, which has been gathered and merged into one file
  • smartwatch_interpolated.csv:
  • difference to previous file: sensors are encoded into different columns, as well as their corresponding hand (e.g. „Y_linearAccelerationSensor_right“, „Z_gravitySensor_left“ etc)
  • unfortunately the six sensors provide data with different sampling rates, which leads to different timestamps and many empty cells in the data
  • the resulting empty cells have been filled by interpolation with 100ms

OptiTrack data:

  • located in optiTrack.csv
  • contains rotation and position data of both hands and the LEGO plane
  • the data has been sampled with 120Hz
  • no processing of the data
  • we gathered the different raw sensor data files and put them together into one file

LEGO data:

  • located in lego_data.csv
  • contains both Smartwatch and OptiTrack data
  • we merged the columns of smartwatch_interpolated.csv and optiTrack.csv file
  • we synchronized the timestamps and filled the empty cells by an interpolation of 100ms


In addition to the sensor data for all files, we also added the

  • Participant ID (“Participant),
  • Task ID (“Task”)
  • Variable I: paper-based instruction (not) available ( 1 = yes, 0 = no)
  • Variable T: (no) time limit ( 1 = yes, 0 = no)
  • Variable B: number of building bricks ( 0 = normal, 1 = less, 2 = more)
  • Dominant Hand: participants’ dominant hand ( 1 = right, 0 = left)
  • Watch Hand: hand on which participants normally wear their watch ( 1 = right, 0 = left)