Prof. Alt organized the UIST School 2018 in the context of the UIST 2018 conference in Berlin, Germany.

The purpose of the UIST School was to invite young academics to get to know the UIST community and obtain new research skills. Participants of the UIST School enjoyed a week full of exciting talks and hands-on sessions in the vibrant city of Berlin (Germany).

In particular, participants were introduced to topics evolving around physiological interaction. Introductory lecture were given by the following established members of the UIST community: Hiroshi Ishii (MIT Media Lab), Kristina Höök (KTH Stockholm), Elisabeth André (University of Augsburg), Sarah Blum (Universität Oldenburg), Lewis Chuang (LMU Munich), Albrecht Schmidt (LMU Munich) and Pedro Lopes (University of Chicago).

Apart from introductory lectures, participants worked on group projects in the context of a 24h hackathon, organized by gTec. Outcomes of the hackathon were presented by participants at the welcome reception on the eve of UIST 2018.

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