Papers accepted at EUROCRYPT 2024 and USENIX Security 2024

13 February 2024

A strong start of the year for the PACY Lab with two papers accepted to flagship conferences on the topic of confidential computing over encrypted data:

"Fully Homomorphic Encryption beyond IND-CCA1 Security: Integrity through Verifiability" accepted at EUROCRYPT 2024 introduces so-far strongest FHE security guarantees and general techniques achieving integrity and verifiability for (outsourced) FHE computations. It is also the first publication of Jérôme Nguyen.

"FEASE: Fast and Expressive Asymmetric Searchable Encryption" appearing at USENIX Security 2024 is a result of collaboration with researchers from Surrey Centre for Cyber Security and our contribution to the EU H2020 project SECANT. The paper features the so-far fastest construction and implementation of a public key encryption scheme supporting private search queries over encrypted indexed data.