Invited Talk at SKECH 2024 in Bertinoro

5 June 2024

At the 5th workshop "SKECH@BiCi: Secure Key Exchange and Channel Protocols" Prof. Manulis gave an invited talk on "Asynchronous Remote Key Generation (ARKG) and its Applications" on June 5th in Bertinoro, Italy.

ARKG is a new variant of a key encapsulation mechanism (KEM) that allows a sender to encapsulate a cryptographic key pair (sk, pk) for the intended recipient in such a way that only the recipient can later compute the private key sk. The pair (sk, pk) can be used as its own freshly generated key pair in public key cryptosystems. Since its introduction in 2020, ARKG has proven to be a versatile building block that enables a range of different privacy-protecting applications in the field of authentication and blockchains.

The biennial SKECH workshop brings together renowned researchers working on cryptographic protocols for secure messaging and key management to discuss the latest research developments. Participation in a SKECH workshop is only possible with a prior personal invitation.