ICRAT conference - tutorials

24 June 2022

The International Conference on Research in Air Transportation (ICRAT) is held every two years, alternating with the USA/EUROPE ATM R&D Seminar. Young scientists are given the opportunity to present their research in the field of air transportation, expand their professional network, and to gain new insights and inspiration.

As Tutorial Chair, Prof. Schultz was able to attract scientists from various international research institutions to share their knowledge and experience in tutorials.

  • Xavier Olive (ONERA, Toulouse France) - Use of the traffic library for trajectory analysis
  • Pham Duc Thinh (ATMRI, NTU Singapore) - Reinforcement Learning in ATM
  • Joost Ellerbroek (TU Delft) - BlueSky: Setup and introduction to BlueSky (Part 1), Showcases and application of BlueSky (Part 2)
  • Judith Rosenow (TU Dresden) - Modeling condensation trails in multi-criteria trajectory optimisation
  • Ramon Dalmau (EUROCONTROL) - Machine Learning for ATFM
  • Tony Diana (FAA, USA) - Natural Language Processing
  • Almira Ramadani (FAA, USA) - TBO analyses and harmonization with the ICAO framework