There are several places to eat at the university. The least expensive option is the university cafeteria (Mensa), which serves reasonably priced breakfast, lunch, and dinner from Monday through Friday. The cafeteria is closed on weekends.

Mensa | Cafeteria

Breakfast: 6.30-8.15am
Lunch: Mon-Fri 10.45-1.30pm
Dinner: Mon-Thu 4-6pm
building 30

Restaurant "Brandl"

There is also a restaurant on campus. At “Brandl” you can choose from a selection of entrées at lunch and dinner time; also snacks and drinks are served all day. "Brandl" is open Monday through Friday.

Officer's club | UniCasino

The UniCasino is a restaurant on campus in building 61 that offers a selection of dishes from Monday through Friday at lunch and dinner time and also hosts students' parties and festive events throughout the year. Check out the UniCasino website for more information about specials, prices, and opening hours.