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Over the past years, UniBwM has constantly expanded its main field of research “Security in Technology and Society”. We encounter current aspects of security research in a variety of different areas: political conflicts, unpredictable natural disasters, security gaps in IT systems, and the global financial crisis. Against this backdrop, the university’s scientists analyze and study the topic of security in its full complexity in various fields of research and application. Security requirements in technology and society are changing at a dazzling pace, and it is up to scientists to develop procedures and methods to adequately deal with these challenges. Today the ability to accomplish this task necessitates cooperation among scientists of different disciplines and different institutions who share their experience and knowledge and make optimal use of synergies.

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International undergraduate, graduate and PHD students can register at UniBwM either as interns/trainees or gust researchers for a maximum period of 12 months, for example, participating in a project or completing their thesis (or part of it) at a UniBwM chair or institute, or spending a few months at UniBwM within the scope of a grant program (e.g. Erasmus SMP, IAESTE, etc.). Interns/trainees and guest researchers are not entitled to sit examinations and will not receive a transcript.

Conducting Research at UniBwM in a few easy steps


If aspiring to complete an internship/traineeship in one of our technical departments, write your Bachelor's or Master's thesis under the guidance of one of our professors, or pursue a PHD under the supervision of one of our professors, please skim through our website for more information about our various departments and institutes and contact the professor of your choice directly by sending him your complete application documents (cv/resumé, letter of motivation, degree certificates and current transcript of records (if applicable) alongside an outline of your endeavour at UniBwM.

Once you will have obtained a supervision agreement from a UniBwM professor to an internship, thesis or PHD, please contact the International Office and send us your application documents (at best 2-3 months prior to your expected arrival in Munich). The International Office will possibly advise you on matters regarding visa, for example, and help you attend to administrative tasks on campus upon your arrival.

Application Documents

All Interns/trainees and guest researchers must submit a supervision agreement from a UniBwM institution along with a single copy of each of the following documents:

Please send the online forms and all other documents, combined into one PDF file, by email to

Language Skills

Whether completing an internship/traineeship, writing a scientific paper or intending to persue a PHD under the supervision of one of our professors, very good English skills at at least B2 level, are indispensable.

German skills, though, are not a requirement, even though having basic German skills would certainly facilitate your stay in Munich, day-to-day.

Health and Nursing Care Insurance

In Germany, most people are obliged by law to have health and nursing care insurance. As this obligation applies to both national as international students, exchange students are required to register with a statutory health insurance or a private health insurance provider. Usually, policies are offered to students at discounted fees. Proof of health and nursing care insurance that is in conformity with German laws and regulations is mandatory for all students in order to be enrolled at a German university. As a rule these certificates of vaild German regulated health and nursing care insurance bear the stamp "For submission to authorities". For further reading on the topic, please visit the website of the German Academic Exchange Service:

As an ERASMUS+ Exchange Student (Student Mobility for Studies as well as Student Mobility for Traineeships) you will be enrolled at our University and therefore will need to provide a certificate of health insurance bearing the stamp "For submission to authorities".

PLEASE NOTE: International emergency travel insurance policies do not conform to German laws and regulations concerning student health and nursing care insurance as they only cover in case of emergency, and will not be accepted for enrollment.

As a guest researcher from a non-partner university and a PHD candidate, you are self-responsible for health and nursing care insurance will need to complete and sign the form "Confirmation of Insurance".

How to give valid proof of health and nursing care insurance?

Students from countries in the EU:
Please send the completed  AOK-Form and a copy of your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) via email to this email address:
Shortly after you will receive your valid certificate of health insurance for enrollment at UniBwM.

Students from non-EU countries:
Write an email including your personal information such as your name, date of birth, home country, and sex, to:
The AOK, a German insurance statutory insurance company, will varify your current health insurance policy. In case the AOK sends you an reply indicating that your health insurance cannot be accepted for enrollment at a German university, proceed as follows:
Complete the application form sent to you by AOK, and sign it. You will need a German address and a German bank account for payment. If those details are not available to you yet, please leave out as address and bank details can be given later after your arrival in Germany. Scan your filled out and signed application form to your AOK-adviser and you will receive your certificate of valid health and nursing care insurance required for enrollment soon after.

It is also an option to take out insurance with a private health insurance provider such as mawista:

The "German Academic Exchange Service" offers an affordable combined health, accident and liability insurance package:

Visa Regulations

EU nationals do not require a visa to enter the Federal Republic of Germany.

Non-EU nationals
Most other foreigners do require a visa for stays in Germany. For visits up to 90 days in a 180-day period a visa is not required for nationals of those countries for which the EU has abolished the visa requirements. You will find a good overview on visa requirements on the website of Germany's Federal Foreign Office: 

The Federal Foreign Office also provides detailed information on The Schengen Agreement and the Schengen Visa Regulations:

Registration and De-registration of Residency

When moving to Germany with the intention of staying for longer than three months contrary to a tourist, you need to register your address in person at the Residence Registration Office within two weeks of your arrival. De-registration when leaving Germany need not be done in person, but by filling out the respective form and by sending it to the Town hall. For further valuable information and forms available for download, please go to the website of Munich's Residence and Registration Office:

Residence Permit for the Purpose of Studies

Do you need a residence permit? With the exception of nationals from EU countries, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and Lichtenstein, who do not need to apply for a residence permit, all other foreign nationals need a residence permit to stay in Germany for longer than 90 days. The German residence permit for the purpose of studies will allow you to study or carry out research in Germany beyond the period of 90 days. After entering Germany, firstly, register your address in Munich at the Residence Registration Office (Bürgerbüro) operated by the Department of Public Order (Kreisverwaltungsreferat) within two weeks. Secondly, you will need to apply for a residence permit for the purpose of studies by handing in the following documents to the Foreigners Office:

  • Application form (completed in full)
  • Valid passport
  • One recent photograph that satisfies biometric criteria (photo booths available at the Foreigners Office)
  • Your UniBwM enrollment certificate
  • Proof of adequate funding (e.g. a formal obligation by a third party)
  • Proof of adequate health insurance

For more information and forms to be downloaded, please visit the website of the Foreigners Office: